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Student Services at JMSS    

Grade 9 Option Sheets

OSSD Requirements       OSAP

Our Student Services department is made up of three counsellors. Appointments with a counsellor or transcript requests can be arranged by our Student Services secretary. Students can confidently and confidentially speaking with a guidance counsellor about personal issues. All community agencies and supports can be accessed at the student's request. We work closely with our school administration and several staff members who deliver the Guidance curriculum. These people will work with students and all members of the JMSS school community to work toward successful student achievement and proper post-secondary planning following the four Pathways to Success: Apprenticeship, College, University, and the Workforce. Students are guided throughout their secondary school years with our first contacts beginning in grades 7 and 8 as we advise students of available programs. Option sheets are completed at the end of February each year to ensure proper timetabling for the following school year. Students are provided with print and Internet resources for constructive career planning. The following links provide students with a basis for developing a structure for their post-secondary directions. 

2017 Graduation Information

OUAC deadline is Jan. 11, 2017
OCAS deadline is Feb. 1, 2017

Graduation Date - June 29, 2017

Graduation Portraits


 Book an appointment now by going to

Graduation Photos are taking place November 1st to November 4th in the Library Seminar Room. 

Graduates!!! You can book your Lifetouch Grad photo appointment on line …

Click the link below to book your graduation photo appointment:

Choose John McGregor Secondary School, then pick the time and day that suits your schedule best. If you wish to be included in both the yearbook and grad composite, you need to book an appointment and pay the $35 sitting fee.

Grad photo only is free and does not require an appointment but will only result in inclusion in the yearbook and composite. You will NOT receive a copy of the grad composite photo.

Pathways to Success
Step 4 Step
Colleges: One Post-Secondary Option
Universities: Another Post-Secondary Option

Trade Apprenticeship: Another Post-Secondary Option
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Important Links
This is a link to all Ontario college information and the tool for college applications.
This is a link to the Education Ministry of Ontario's website. Pathways information can be found here.
This is a link to all Ontario university information and the tool for university applications.
MyBlueprint education planner is a goal-setting education and career planner used by all students at JMSS. Login information is distributed by Student Services to students at the beginning of the school year.
username: JMSS password: bombers
This is a link to find out what you want to be! Cruise through possible career options and job prospects as well as discover the education needed to get there.
This is another link to your post-secondary options. Navigate through job descriptions and job prospects.
Use this link to calculate an estimate for OSAP loans/grants.
Use this website to find the link to Lambton Kent District School Board Scholarships and Bursaries. and
Register for these two websites to find out about other available scholarships and bursaries.

Exam Preparation

How to Study for Exams

Specialist High Skills Major: Arts & Culture

JMSS offers the Arts & Culture, Construction, Environment, Health & Wellness, Hospitality & Tourism, Information & Communication and Transportation Specialist High Skills Major certifications. These programs give you a special "red seal" on your high school diploma.

To obtain this recognition on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students take a bundle of 8 to 10 courses in grades 11 and 12 including 4 "major" credits in arts and culture. Their other courses (English, and choice of Law, Business, or Native Studies) are specially designed to complement the arts and culture major. Students are required to take a related co-op (2 credits) and get valuable workplace experience related to arts and culture.

This program is equally valuable to students studying Technology and the trades (manufacturing, construction, communications, design), as it is to students studying the Arts (art, music, fashion, drama).

To participate in this unique and valuable opportunity, students should contact Student Services at the school.