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Principal's Message


John McGregor Secondary School has a combined student and staff population of 800. We are a full service school with an emphasis on celebrating the accomplishments of our students.

 Student Success, providing each student with a suitable program, supports and opportunities; these are the cornerstones of what J.M.S.S. strives to achieve.  Technology and the global economy continue to change the world we live in. Regardless of the student’s chosen Pathway, positive partnerships between home and school remain central to a student’s success. 

 When parents and family take on the traditional responsibility of assuring students attend regularly and punctually, it is much easier for a dedicated and professional staff to provide an educational opportunity geared to what the future may hold for each graduate. 

 Our fifty years of excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts continues this year with McGregor grads excelling at university, in the trades, college and all areas of vocational training. We provide positive, productive educational pathways at every level of difficulty.  J.M.S.S. is a true reflection of the community and world we live in.

- Don Zondag – Principal





 John McGregor Secondary School  |  300 Cecile Avenue  |  Chatham, Ontario  |  N7M 2C6  |  P: 519.354.1740  |  F: 519.354.2947